What is Manifestation?
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Is it possible to build a life you love?

So you've probably been hearing all of these wonderful success stories and rag-to-riches stories and wondered if it's even possible. Like seriously, are they even believable at this point? Everyone has somehow magically obtained this dream life of money, stardom, happiness, new cars and even new teeth but no one is sharing HOW they were able to do it, right?

I know what you're thinking and seriously it's not just a pile of fluff. I'm pretty sure you've heard people say speak it into existence, right? Well, it's actually true. And it's the premise of the Law of Attraction.

What is the Law of Attraction?

The Law of Attraction is such a powerful tool and quite simply, it's the universe matching the energy that you put out.

Sounds awesome, right?

But you have to be careful!

The thing with matching energy is if you put out negative energy, the universe is going to match it!

Think about a time when you made one complaint and then that complaint turned into dozens of complaints.

Example: you decided to dine at a restaurant and the hostess was late greeting you. You're irritated and maybe even frustrated with her tardiness so now when it's time to be seated, you're more skeptical of the restaurant and the service they provide. When the waitress approaches, you carefully pay attention to every little detail to prove how the restaurant doesn't value you as a customer:

  • the waitress's attitude
  • how you think she looks at you
  • if you think she rolled her eyes
  • if you feel like it's taking her too long to return to the table
  • if she's making you wait for a refill
  • looking for spots on the table or silverware to prove it wasn't properly cleaned
  • or even if you think she purposely sabotaged your food

You've already put it in your head that this is going to be a horrible dining experience when you were first greeted. And because you feel like this, that energy is put out into the universe even if you don't notice it. It'll help you find everything you were looking for. You want to validate your reasons for providing a negative review and discouraging others from visiting or even why you tipped so poorly. Because you wanted this, it is yours.

Now switch the situation: you enter a restaurant and the hostess has just informed you that they saw you in the parking lot and wanted to make room for your large party. They made sure the tables were perfectly cleaned so that you could promptly sit and begin ordering your meals. While you all are going over the menus, the waitress brings out fresh water for everyone at the table without anyone having to ask. You already feel good about the restaurant, right? You see that they are very attentive and care about your overall experience so you thank her each time she approaches to let her know you appreciate her service. The waitress approaches the table and takes your order and leaves you to dine. She didn't make much chat but she noticed that it's your birthday so she went back to the chef and owner to tell them of the special event. While you're waiting on your bill, she brings out a special dessert for the entire family to share.

See how that simple change in the mindset changed the outcome? It even made you feel differently reading both scenarios, right?

It happens all day, every day. Everyday we are projecting energy.

In order to get our desired results, we have to actively make the conscious decision to channel our energy and change our mindset which leads us to manifesting our dreams.

What is Manifestation?

Manifestation and the Law of Attraction go hand-in-hand. Manifestation is the act of bringing a thought or something intangible into existence.

As you've seen with the Law of Attraction, like attracts like. If you focus on negativity, you will attract negativity and you will manifest negativity.

Your energy equals your outcome.

But here's the thing...

You can't just say "I want a million dollars" and think it's going to magically fall in your lap. It doesn't even seem believable just reading it, right? Each person's goals are different and each person has a different path so that path may look like "I am building my million-dollar enterprise by teaching women how to overcome financial hardships and learn how to trade in the stock market."

You see how we are identifying our goal but also setting actions to help obtain that goal? We know what we need to do and each day, we are actively taking the steps to create it!

Manifestation is the act of purposely recognizing your desired outcome and making sure that your actions are in alignment with your goals.

In order to successfully manifest, you have to be in tune with yourself.

You have to know what it is that you truly desire in order to achieve it. Once you know this, you begin to put that energy out into the universe and it is going to match it.

Everything that you say and do becomes part of this energy. It's not just saying it. It's doing it. It's believing it. It's working to achieve it.

Everything that you do from that point is helping you to obtain your goals and the universe is going to help you receive it.

Your efforts now match your energy.

When both are in perfect alignment, you're going to feel and also see it.

And the best way to start is with a journal!

Why do you need a journal?

Journaling is very helpful in helping you get out all of your thoughts. It helps you organize and even plan. Sometimes, we struggle with what we want to say or even how we feel.

Journaling is one of the best things you could do.

It relaxes you, releases any inhibition, allows you to focus and it also helps with the manifestation process.

Not only are you telling yourself what you want, but you are telling the universe what you want. Remember, you are working with the universe in order to attract your dream. Once you've written down your dream(s), you've cemented this dream and belief. You've put a place for it in this reality and it is yours to come.

Also, by having a journal, you can always go back, read previous prompts, spark positive emotions and also see how you were able to manifest your dreams!

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